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      Animal Healing.
Animal, just like any other living creature (trees, flowers u.tt) can heal with the power of thought both in contact and at a distance. Most healing process is often lighter than human healing, because the animal is much simpler, karmic vestiges of primitive animals and much less susceptible to buildup of collective consciousness.
Every living being has the same subtle body, energy matrix, whose parameters are inserted into the DNA molecule.
It is the energetic framework, which determines the growth, size, organ and system layout. Most of the problems in the subtle body, causing problems in the physical body. Turn directly to the subtle body, which we often referred to simply as the spirit is the subject of thought energy thoughts for information. Always remember that acute ailments is always faster and easier to give up treatment.
Here in any case, I do not want to say that it would not seek a veterinarian. On the contrary. It should start. The best results can only be obtained from the medical complex.
I have distanced myself helped both dogs and cats. The last example is the removal of lipoma and dental gum treatment for my cat. It was used as a contact, as well as information and  distance healing. 
The  largest animal in my healing practice was a circus elephant, who had a weight loss 3-4 weeks, and later diarrhea and complete lack of appetite, and weakness. After request and received photos, I managed to find out that most of the problem is viral infection of the gastrointestinal tract. Treatment sessions were carried out at a distance.

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